Wednesday, January 6, 2010

what else i've been up to

so i've been getting more and more orders for custom handstamped necklaces and here are some of those that were christmas orders...

below left was created for a friend - she wanted her husband & her initals for Bill & Brenn, another tag that said "faith," and a small gold tag with a paw print for their golden doodle Ralph, i love that it's a mixed metal necklace, silver and gold tags dangled on a gold chain... this way you can wear it with anything!

below right was for her MIL - S stamped on a gold tag for her initial and since she loves all things horses we did a horsehoe charm.

this next necklace was for her dear friend, obviously the L is her inital, and the giraffe has a special meaning since her friend has done humanitarian/mission work in Africa she wanted something to represent that - and when i found these cute little charms, we thought they were perfect!
and yet another mixed metal necklace.

this one was a necklace created for one of my bro's wives... their initials are stamped on a copper tag layered on top of a sterling silver tag with each of their boys names - zek. luke. & daniel... and of course a paw print for their pets and the dogs they breed.

this next one you may recognize from posting a few months ago, i made this for my other SIL lisa awhile back, but for Christmas i gifted her the middle tag that says Prov. 31... this is significant because everything she touches with her hands is blessed, from interior design, to sewing, cooking, even her cleaning & organizing skills!  she's a great mommy to my nephews and in my opinion a Proverbs 31 woman - which if you're familiar with the chapter it speaks of a Godly wife, woman, and mother, but this was specifically in reference to "she works with her hand in delight" and lisa truly does!

this tag addition also is a great idea, once you have a necklace you don't have to stop there - you can add to it at any time, when you hit a milestone, have a baby, or discover a verse you really love... i can figure out a way to incorporate a special idea or meaning into your necklace.

this next necklace was for my MIL - a tag for my hubby and her son Justus, and his brother Josh, and then a tag for Sammy the dog {her fur kid}

if you have a custom stamped necklace in mind, feel free to contact me jdvjewelry{at} and we can work together on a design!


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