Monday, January 4, 2010

hello 2010!

happy new year to you all!

i hope your holidays were filled with relaxation, family time, and fun... i know we certainly enjoyed our's - around thanksgiving we got the glorious news that J passed the california bar on the 1st try, so yes, i'm official married to an attorney! then in december we celebrated my dad's 65th birthday party topped off w/ him bowling 5 strikes in a row at his b-day shindig {can we say senior hobby?}.  christmas eve was spent with my whole crazy & wonderful family playing games, talking, and reflecting on the meaning of Christmas.  Christmas day J and i were off to SLC {his hometown} to visit his family for a few days and test our well adjusted so-cal thin-blooded bodies in the 9 degree cold of Utah!  i'm pretty sure at least half our time was spent playing board games, the rest was filled with good food, and spent visiting his buddies.

{our gocco'd 2009 christmas & new year's card}

as i look back at the past few months {and year} i feel as though i've traveled to the moon and back! many of last year's endeavors turned out to be rewarding and educational additions to this chapter in my life; teaching me much about myself, being a wife & daughter, being an entrepreneur, and the list really could keep going... but i will admit, despite the fact that JDV and my other biz Blair Britt Events have really come to life, i need to do more and grow them both into more.  as i look at my past few posts since my giveaway i feel as though i've been a really lousy blogger... sure i've focused on twitter and my facebook page more than my blog, but my blog is what so many clients & friends have said they enjoy... it's my journal of this journey as a business owner that i love to share.  and since i work best when i know i'm accountable for something, in writing...

my goal this next year will be to try my darndest to blog twice and post one new item in my shop on a weekly basis in 2010! they may not be my typical legnthy posts, but i WILL post =)

now i'll leave you with our christmas eve setting at my bro & SIL's home...

isn't that beautiful?? they're great at entertaining, not to mention my SIL is a FANTASTIC interior designer - they've graciously hosted many of our family holidays! we love going there, & i'm sure you can see why.

here she and i are goofing around in front of the trees - tippy toes!


  1. i need to work on my arm form! he hee

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