Wednesday, February 1, 2012

{introducing} the JDV design collection - february 2012

 woo hoo! i've been wanting to create a monthly printable collection for awhile now and now i'd like to introduce you to my very first JDV design monthly printable collection!  just in time for the month of February + Valentine's day!  I found my color inspiration during one of my late nights pinning on pinterest and fell in love, so peach, coral pink + red it was!  i figured rather than just showing the printable files, i decided to put together a little spread to showcase the printed goods and how cute they can look, but it'd love to see how all of you creative folks use the collection...  now onto the eye candy!

i'm obsessed with calligraphy-inspired fonts right now, so i used one for the "be mine" banner

here's a printable subway art piece with some of my favorite fonts right now - it comes a an 8x10" - just print on bright white paper or card stock, et voila!

and here are some close ups of the sugar that's lingering around our place now... grrr... i was doing so great in the no sugar department recently too!
 those drink flags can also double as cupcake flags just add them to a toothpick or lollipop stick!

a close up of the Valentine folded note card

and a close up of the other folded note card design

here's a close up of the month's calendar

and here's the weekly calendar - print one out for each week in february!

 - included in the printable collection -  
 ::  February 2012 calendar  ::  February weekly calendar  ::  "be mine" banner  ::  
::  2 folded note card designs 1}"Hello" and 2} "Be Mine" valentine  ::  
:: drink or cupcake flags  ::  8x10" Valentines subway art ::

this is the start of the JDV monthly collection, i will eventually be setting up a subscription option, but for now the collection will be a month to month purchase for $12.

PLEASE NOTE - these are printable files so nothing will be shipped to you.  when you check out via paypal please provide your current email address  {otherwise it will go to the paypal address you pay with} and i will email you your copy of the collection which will come with instructions on how to assemble the collection.


Monday, January 23, 2012

{update} new paperie items!

happy monday everyone, wanted to give you an update of the items i've added to my paperie shop in the event you don't follow us on twitter or our facebook page.  but i've been trying to get more offerings listed in my paperie shop {yes i still make jewelry, but since the cost of gold and silver are up, i've taken a little break from the jewelry side of things}... and i'm starting to offer printable designs for my clients who prefer to DIY their paper goods.  below are a few new designs i listed the other day...

:: how do the printable files work? ::
well, when you order any of these new collections, i will personalize the colors and names/monograms and send you a PDF file via email.  that PDF will include 2 of each design in the file 
{giving you 4 A2 sized note cards per printed sheet}
then all you need to do is print or have this file printed on bright white card stock and then cut them to size... et voila! you have your own DIY personalized stationery, that you can print and re-print when you need more!  these listings don't include envelopes, but this way you have the freedom to pick out your envelope colors that suit your personal preference!

:: remember :: 
you can have the colors customized, so if you like a design but prefer different colors not a problem! 

i know there may be some out there thinking, "hmmm, but what if i don't have the time or don't want to DIY but i want to order some of these?" ... not a problem, i'll be adding listings soon too for the printed versions of these designs that will come with envelopes too! so keep your eyes open for those additions to the shop in the near future!

also, i've added some new rubber stamp designs too!

after many requests for circular return address stamps, here are my first three design offerings!

i'm torn between them all, i love the hand drawn look of the {wreath} boarder, but i'm always a sucker for anything preppy so i love the {double stripe}, and the {retro} is too cute!

next is a different take on the address stamp, i give you 
now, this is one of my new personal favorites! the preppy circle monogram stamp was SOOO incredibly popular right before Christmas that i had to design a more whimsical + eclectic monogram stamp offering, and here's what i came up with!

here's a photo i snapped of the finished stamp, these stamps are great for embellishing stationery, envelopes or even gift tags like the one shown below.

and here's the solo initial version of the stamp

and some of the letter samples, to view the rest of the letters please visit the listing!

ok, so i think that's enough updating for one night, good night everyone and stay tuned, another fun new project announcement is coming VERY soon =)


Thursday, January 12, 2012

happy new year!

hi everyone,  i'm still alive here... just trying to get some really exciting new things wrapped up for a new line that i've been working on for jdv paperie!  in the mean time i wanted to post this fun etsy treasury my XOXO stamp was featured in {second row right side}... super cute items in this treasury!

i'll be back to share more of what i've been working on... but in the mean time go check out my shop, i have some fun new stamps available, and more to come soon!


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

{inspiration} from Steve Jobs

not to sound dramatic, but today is a day that will be remembered by many due to the passing of Steve Jobs... he no doubt has touch many of our lives through some capacity of Apple's innovative technology.  i ran across this great quote from the commencement speech Jobs gave in 2005 at Stanford.  sadly it took his passing for me to stumble upon it, but it was inspiring nonetheless.  his words really encouraged me, as i am working to build my own little business, so i thought i'd create and share a 8.5 x 11" sign for my readers to download and print at home.  i hope you enjoy it =)  

if you'd like this inspirational sign in another color scheme just email me at and i'd be happy to shoot one to you.  

:: 10.27.11 revision :: 
a reader asked for this quote in a pink + red color scheme, thought i'd share that option with you too!
you can down load it in {pink + red here}

i pray that Jobs' wife and kids find comfort and strength during this time of loss in their family.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011


so i know i've been slacking on posting, this summer was such a whirlwind!

but i thought i'd swing by real quick to show some luggage tags i made for a recent bridal order - the bride had a travel themed wedding so what better than to get her girls matching luggage tags! fun huh?

and here are the back sides of the tags... do your friend's move a lot? her's do so she just used their cell number and email addy... great call!

now you might notice a HUGE difference in the image quality of the luggage tag photos and these earring shots... i got a new camera and i'm having so much fun playing with it... i still don't really know what i'm doing but i'm trying =) 

here are some earrings i sent out to a client's friend for her birthday... this reminds me i really should go update my shop soon... i've just been taking a breather, hence the reason there isn't much listed right now in either of my shops!

 i love these baroque crystals and the simplicity of this style of earrings... 
not to mention the color is great as we head into the fall season

oh and here's a picture of the Misters {as i like to call her} hanging out under my worktable... sorry had to post cause she's just that darn cute!

i hope you're having a great week... i'll be back with more goodies soon!


Thursday, September 1, 2011

{September printables} free birthday + anniversary planning pages

hey readers!

i'm happy to announce that i have a free gift to y'all today... for a long time now i've been Pinning lots of mommy binders, household planning binders, etc. on pinterest.  i love, no ADORE organization, however i'll be the first to admit that when it comes down to getting the job done it's always easy to find something else to do!  so i figured with my business craziness easing up, kids going back to school {though i don't have any of my own}, summer coming to a close, and football season starting {go trojans!}... it felt like a natural transition to begin this quest to get myself organized!  i thought i'd ease into getting a household binder created by beginning with something fun... some printables to help track birthdays + anniversaries of your friends and family.  and since i'm such a big fan of summer i thought i'd keep it fun by using chevrons and bright colors to help savor the little bit of summer we have left!

so here they are... oh and i'm still learning how to use my snazzy new awesome big-kid camera, so be kind =)

pool blue + light charcoal grey for January - March

pool blue + chartreuse for October - December

close up of all the date lines

think these will be helpful for you, go ahead and download them here!

i printed them front + back on 100lb card stock, so the jan-march is on one side with april-june on the back and then the same for the later months... i did however learn my lesson after i started to fill in the dates! i goofed and wrote one on the wrong month and can't white it out very easily, so my advice is print them front + back on cardstock then LAMINATE THEM so then you can write with a dry erase marker just in case you goof like i did!

if you'd like the colors customized i'll be offering these in my jdv paperie etsy shop soon along with lots of other pages to add to this binder i'm creating! wanna create one too? keep following along and i'll be offering some more freebies for your binders too!

happy organizing everyone

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

{shower goodies} oh boy + mustaches

howdy folks!  i bet you thought i had forgotten about you... nah i totally haven't, i just have been trying to keep up with all the events and custom orders i've been working on this summer, it sure has made my summer sail by {BOOO}!

anyhow this summer I had the opportunity to create some finishing touches for a shower one of my girl friends hosted... i'm still waiting to get photos from the shower, but here are some of photos i snapped from my ipad since my camera wasn't charged {if that tells you anything about how crazy things have been, i didn't even have my camera charged, ahhh!}

ok, now onto the goodies: 
they wanted a blue, black and white color scheme 
that used the so cute mustache motif that's popping up everywhere!

i created a name sign in honor or the new little guy that's on his way

she also wanted to use the "oh boy" expression so we used it for the banner and I snuck some mustaches in too to make the banner more interesting...
{please excuse my glass used as a weight, ahem...}
also, the colors appeared a little faded in these shots, i usually don't snap pics in the AM, however i had to that day, so you'll see the true color in the photos of the cupcake flags + favor tags

my friend wanted another banner but didn't want a saying on it, 
so i just created another banner with more of the cute paper i used for all of these goodies... 
what a great way to add some extra color to your party!

and here are the oh so cute and spunky cupcake flags... i just died when i found the blue + white herringbone paper in the middle as well as the blue colored graphing patterned paper... and who am i kidding all the paper i used was too cute! ... and yes i fall in love with all of my projects =)

my girlfriend also got ambitious and made chocolate mustache candies as guest favors, so i whipped up these fun and coordinated favor tags to tie onto the bags!

i would love love to create some invites to go along with this fun theme, and if you are in need of a mustache party for someone you know feel free to shoot me an email and i'd be happy to whip up something fun like this for your party! =)