Friday, July 23, 2010

decisions, decisions

i find it funny that at times i can go back and forth in my brain about what to some may seem like a minor detail... such as deciding between two fonts.... i need an open-faced font for an upcoming wedding invite order and i'm down to these two... i know i probably sound nuts, but hear me out! =)

font #1} love it's lined counterpart {view here}, it's chunky, kinda masculine 
{making it a great balance to some of my more feminine *bridal * fonts } 

however the downside to #1 is that it doesn't come with lowercase options, and if you've followed my blog, or known me long, you know i don't particularly like to CAPITALIZE much! hence the dilemma...

font #2} it has lowercase characters!!! but it's a little less bold compared w/ font #1... 
it's a sleeker font, yet not nearly as masculine as #1.... 

oh boy... decisions decisions =)


coming out of hiding...

no, i haven't forgotten about all of you lovely folks who follow along... i've been just swamped {in such a good way}

here's what i've been up to:
  * did full event design & coordination of a gorgeous {even if i say so myself} wedding back in june
  * my other biz, Blair Britt Events was featured on Amy Atlas' blog, and it was not just one post, but 3 individual posts about my june wedding {yippee!}
  * been really busy with lots of custom orders {mostly paper} *photos to come*
  * traveled to a Park City family wedding and then to a friend's gorgeous wedding in Santa Barbara last       weekend!
  * also, it was during this time we learned that my momma was diagnosed with lymphoma, so that's   been a whole new adventure in my personal life... 
  * i'm also helping a long time/dear friend finalize her august wedding details... for 8/28

wow, when i summarize the last 2 months of my life like that, it doesn't sound like a whole lot... but, hopefully all the pictures i'll be sharing will make up for my absence. =)