Thursday, July 3, 2008

{shop update}: new napkins

Bicyclette Napkins

these custom cocktail napkins are a great personal touch for any social event, holiday, or wedding.  the bike icon is just the basic idea, you could customize with the date of the event, or the host's names, or any other variety of personal details.  these red ones pictured above are awesome, unfortunately the photo i took is not so awesome... you can't tell but the shine that the metallic gold ink gives is really beautiful!

these can be ordered in any custom color napkin or ink if you have 
a specific color scheme you'd like these to tie in with.
 (please private message me if you'd like to customized them in any way)

keep in mind too that these can be used to tie a whole wedding/ event suit together - i can use an image for invitations, thank you notes, napkins, place cards, table numbers/names... you name it!

just to give you an idea of the napkin making process... it takes up lots of space =)

below are the ivory napkins with the gold bikes, these would look great with a gold, champagne, and bronze color scheme i think !

Joie de Vie is becoming more and more diverse in the products available to offer our clients!