Monday, June 30, 2008

Bride World Expo

well this is one very happy, and very tired wedding expo vendor!  

this past weekend we met and spoke with so many brides from the LA Bride World Expo, which was a great experience.  even though it was my first expo, it most certainly will not be my last.  we were really blessed to have AWESOME vendors for neighbors who were very insightful and had so much advice to offer me as a new vendor!  on my right side i had Deborah and her mom, Jan of Deborah's Dreams and to my left was Anne the owner of White Sakuras an Orange County florist which kept my booth smelling amazing =)

since i know many of the brides we met will be stopping by to take another look at what i do, i wanted to say thanks for taking the time to look at my designs again!

 i know that planning a wedding is a huge project and you have many options for vendors.  but my hope is that i can help to make you and the ladies in your wedding look even more beautiful on your day... and i look forward to working with each of you to design the perfect gift, accessory or personalized detail for you wedding!

also, bear with me as i catch up in getting more of my current designs you saw at the show posted here on my blog.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

new item - custom cocktail napkins

this past weekend i ventured into new territory for Joie de Vie... and it falls under the "accessories" territory!  it's no secret that i love my gocco.... i actually have now ordered the bigger boy gocco with advance registration = more colors! but more on that in a different post...

i decided to try my hand at custom cocktail napkins, which i think are a great personal touch for any wedding or social event.

i'll share the process with you:

here's my gocco screen prior to inking
the screening process... since these don't stand in my card drying racks ... they take up a lot of counter space!
the finished product - blue and white paisley napkins
i'm just a little focused on lining up the lettering with the image... 
man i can't wait for my PG-11 unit so i don't have to worry about registering multiple layers!
also, disregard my beach bum attire, and no make-up, we had been in and outta the pool with my little nephews that day! =)

here's the screen for napkin style number 2: notice the names aren't lined up with the image... that's what i like to call trial and error, and it's also the reason for printing 2 layers on these
the sand dollar motif used on the napkin

thankfully i was working at my brother & SIL's house which has plenty of counter space!

had to use the table too!
above the napkins have their 2nd layer on them 

and here i am pluggin away on 450 napkins! 

i will have some of my napkins in my etsy store shortly, if you would like to request custom napkins, you name it, i can create them! just go to my etsy store and message me with you idea!

Friday, June 13, 2008

bon bon earrings

Bon Bons....
these are cute, sweet, and petite earrings - hence the name bon bon. they come in many different color options, can be accompanied by small pearls, or might have a twisted or hammered hoop from which they dangle.  any way you order them, the bon bon earrings are sure to please your bridesmaids, future mother-in-law, or the sophisticated bride-to-be!
above style hammered oval w/ pearls

hammered square with mother of pearl teardrop

twisted oval with wire wrapped stone

hammered oval with onyx

twisted oval with wire wrapped jade teardrop

hammered square with amethyst teardrop

hammered circle with pearls and yellow quartz teardrop

this is only a small sampling of the many variations of bon bons that could be created if you request them!