Wednesday, April 29, 2009

{things i dig} pretty pretty on etsy: elizandaxel

lookie lookie what'll be mine in a few weeks - i found the etsy shop elizandaxel when a treasury they were featured in today popped up and i saw this....

since i'm notorious for living in a white, black or basic plain colored top, jeans, and flip flops... this will provide a pretty and feminine alternative to my basic "uniform" =)  when i snatched one earlier today i couldn't decide if i wanted black or white... but i think i'm leaning toward the white?? 

here's a full length shot - front and back of the shirt - love the dress form too!
oh how i wish i had all the time and creative talent in the world to make pretty tops like this to wear on a daily basis! hmmm.... 

Sunday, April 26, 2009

busy, busy, busy

thanks.. err... and i'm sorry to all of you who i've been really delayed on getting back to about your etsy inquiries...  please bear with me as i get my act together, i'm much more caught up on orders now after having a "real" two day weekend!

as some of you might know i have quite a few brides i've been working with on orders, all of them with weddings the first 2 weekends of May - here's a small sample of the things i've been working on recently:

200 custom wedding cocktail napkins for etsy user CelebrationsbyDesign

custom bridal order for etsy member edube021408:
bridesmaid jardin bon bon earrings

and bridesmaid bonne chance bracelets

the necklace portion of a bridesmaid order for erahn:
so far we have 5 oynx esprit necklaces in gold with twisted circles -
still have to finish up her gold belle earrings with onyx wire wrapped teardrops, finished her swarovski gold flip flops, need to tackle the custom cocktail napkins, AND custom wedding coasters!  all before her May 9th wedding! =)

another necklace that i haven't named yet - but will be part of my spring/summer designs

another newbie in the spring/summer group (will come in more colors soon): 
mélange necklace in gold with mother of pearl teardrop

two more that i'm super stoked how they turned out
macramé necklaces - shown in sapphire and peridot - more colors to come
(forgive me if these link to the opposite color, etsy's down currently)

another custom item - the dimanche chain, yet to be listed - makes an awesome layering necklace - comes 54 inches long

another custom, long layering necklace for the same client - the eternite oval necklace (long)
this is yet to be listed (can you tell i'm a little behind), comes 48 inches long

well that's all folks, i'm off to bed - i hope you enjoyed looking at SOME of what i've been working on lately! =)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

{shop update} the Viv collection

just wanted to let you know i added the "viv collection" to my shop tonight - 

these have been really popular at my trunk shows and jewelry parties....check them out!

the Viv bracelet {single strand}

the Viv necklace/ bracelet combo {bracelet - triple strand}
as the necklace
next two photos as the triple strand bracelet
hope you love them... they're both such timeless pieces!


*thanks ej for the photos*

Friday, April 24, 2009

{ JDV freebies } soon a giveaway on my very own blog!

over recent weeks the amount of people "heart-ing" my etsy shop has been climbing... and i wanted to give folks a heads up that once those hearts reach 200... well, i'll announce my first ever give away on this blog... as we get closer to the magic number i'll give more details of the JDV giveaway!

thanks to everyone who tunes in on a regular basis to my shop and blog =)


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

{things i dig} Cupcake Social on etsy

i've been wanting to make some muffins or cupcakes lately...
... now theses goodies from Cupcake Social really make me want to!

and for a 13year old girls bday party! - animal print liners - CUTE!

sophisticated liners for an uptown fete

and wouldn't these be so cute for 4th of july cupcakes?

the shop also offers uber cute flags and pin-wheel topper for your cupcakes
- i'm really diggin' these pirate flags - yo ho, yo ho... well, you know how it goes!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

{things i dig} looksy what i found...

Beach Grass Cottage's Etsy Shop - Beach Decor For Shore Lovers!

it's no secret i love the beach, all things nautical and i dig sandollars and finger starfish most of all!  look at these super fabulous mirrors i found in her shop, if only i could afford one .... sigh!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

i've been so lame...

about updating the blog - i have been super swamped with convos in my etsy shop requesting custom cocktail napkins, bridal jewelry, and many other fun projects.  thank you so much for you interest in my goodies, and i am so flattered and honored to be working with all the special brides i've been chatting with and designing items for!  

i want to say thank you for the support of what i do and the handmade movement... especially for so many of your weddings!  just know that i'm floored to be working with you all! =)

i'll leave you with this photo i found while taking a creative break the other night... it's of the newly married Weddingbee  {MRS. Kitten}she and her new hubs had what i'm sure was a fabulous destination wedding in the Cayman Islands... anywho, i stopped by their photog's site and look at this beautiful photo i found:
photo courtesy of the Nichols Photography

i swear i don't even know them and i wanna frame it!  haha 

ahhh... isn't that just refreshing... i wish i could just teleport myself to that beach for some R&R.... now back to reality! =)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

{ JDV freebies } a give away on Sandier Pastures

just a quick note everyone... wanted to announce that Grace of the Sandier Pastures blog is giving away one of my silver esprit necklaces, visit before april 14 and enter the giveaway if you're interested in winning another favorite JDV Jewelry necklace!

visit the giveaway here

Friday, April 3, 2009

{item of the month} esprit necklaces

alright everyone, happy friday - i wanted to starting something new in my etsy shop called the "item of the month".  every month i'll either introduce a new item in my shop at a less expensive price, or i will feature a shop favorite for a discounted price!  

so... for the month of april the item of the month is my esprit necklace in either gold or silver - 

round twisted links 

or oval hammered links
 and all necklaces have petite white pearls.

i'm offering it for $30! .... down from the regular $38.

happy shopping everyone!