Wednesday, April 15, 2009

i've been so lame...

about updating the blog - i have been super swamped with convos in my etsy shop requesting custom cocktail napkins, bridal jewelry, and many other fun projects.  thank you so much for you interest in my goodies, and i am so flattered and honored to be working with all the special brides i've been chatting with and designing items for!  

i want to say thank you for the support of what i do and the handmade movement... especially for so many of your weddings!  just know that i'm floored to be working with you all! =)

i'll leave you with this photo i found while taking a creative break the other night... it's of the newly married Weddingbee  {MRS. Kitten}she and her new hubs had what i'm sure was a fabulous destination wedding in the Cayman Islands... anywho, i stopped by their photog's site and look at this beautiful photo i found:
photo courtesy of the Nichols Photography

i swear i don't even know them and i wanna frame it!  haha 

ahhh... isn't that just refreshing... i wish i could just teleport myself to that beach for some R&R.... now back to reality! =)


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