Wednesday, March 19, 2008

about me

what is your occupation? haha which one? i am a realtor, jewelry designer for my company Joie de Vie Jewelry

what color are your socks right now? not wearing any

what are you listening to right now? the birds outside my window and my kitty taking a bath =)

what was the last thing that you ate? a tiger's milk energy bar

can you drive a stick shift? no, no matter how many times i've said i wanna learn, i haven't and my FI drives a stick, and we've been together almost 5 years... i guess i don't wanna learn that badly, cause then i'd actually have to drive it!

last person you spoke to on the phone? ma mere

favorite drink? i'm a diet coke addict... but i also like the occasional chambord lemondrop

what is your favorite sport to watch? angels baseball and USC Trojan football

have you ever dyed your hair? shhh... it's a secret

pets? currently 3: Misty my blue lynx point ragdoll cat, Chi Chi the Chinchilla, and Sparky the tail-less goldfish (which is in my FI's custody, he thought i was going to kill it).

but i would have more if i could!

favorite food? i love american food, bbq anything - steaks, ribs, pulled chicken/pork

last movie you watched? wow, uh ... vantage point

favorite day of the year? i think this year it will be 8/2/08, my wedding day!

what do you do to vent anger? grin and bear it...

what was your favorite toy as a child? barbie and micro machines ... i had two older brothers

what is your favorite, fall or spring? spring, it reminds me that summer will be here soon

hugs or kisses? hugs can make anyone's day

living arrangements? with mom and pop, and the two aminals

when was the last time you cried? oh... watching lost last week, i'm pretty melancholy 

what is on the floor of your closet? all my million pairs of shoes

favorite smell? coconut sunscreen aka summertime or FI when he wears cologne

what inspires you? any form of design, anything french, patterns, texture, and color

what are you afraid of? the dark (i kid you not), the fear of the unknown, i like to be in control

plain, cheese, or spicy hamburgers? extra cheese for sure, is there such thing as spicy hamburgers?

favorite car? bmw x5 - although i'm a pretty big fan of my volvo s80

favorite cat breed? the kind i have - Ragdolls

number of keys on your key ring? 4

how many years at your current job? wow, i've been designing jewelry almost 6 years!

favorite day of the week? friday, because then i have the weekend to enjoy

how many state have you lived in? uno, good ol' cal-i-for-ni-a

how many countries have you visited? ha 2, england & the bahamas... soon to be tahiti for our honeymoon!

Monday, March 17, 2008

my first love: earrings

for any of you who have watched me mature as a jewelry designer ( i still have a lot to learn), i started my love affair with jewelry by making earrings... i've never been a huge necklace person, and while i do like bracelets, i don't always wear them. hence the reason i've always had a thing for creating earrings, those designs come to me most naturally.  soon i will post some of my current favs, of my spring/summer designs.

The Jewelry Moved....

ok, so i decided to move all of my jewelry stuff to this blog, so i wouldn't confuse people i sent to look at my jewels, on the style blog. the "style" blog is more meant to be about my weddings and everyday style, this "jewelry" one is simply where i will post pics of my jewelry!