Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Marseille Collection

Marseille earrings
made from twisted gold overlay mini hoops
gold fill french wires
hand wired teal quartz teardrops
approx. 1 inch long

Marseille Necklace
made from gold fill chain
twisted gold overlay hoop
hand wired teal quartz teardrops
necklace hangs approx 20 inches long

close up of the twisted hoop
it's a small detail that makes a large impact in the look of this design

additional earring colors

in faceted canary yellow quartz

in faceted green quartz

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bon Chance Bracelet Collection

i know i've taken a bit in posting my recent bracelet designs, but i have a harder time creating bracelets i really love, not to mention naming my collections isn't that easy either... so here's the final product of one of my recent bracelet designs

here is the
Bon Chance Bracelet
it is made with 2 teardrops which are hand wired with gold fill chain and components.
it is adjustable to fit all wrist sizes.
shown above in Sapphire

shown above in yellow quartz & czech glass

shown above in Onyx

and more colors to come!

more 2008 Necklace Styles

the Bon Chance Necklace
pictured in next 2 photos
it is a lariat style necklace which includes 2 light teal quartz teardrops - hand wired with gold fill chain and components - front lobster claw closure - approx 20 inches long.

l'Automne Necklace
next 2 photos

each one of these necklaces is unique and created using real leaves! 
the leaf is approx 1.5 - 2 inches long - necklace is about 18 inches long.

the pendant is an Electroform Gold Leaf, meaning: it's a real leaf reserved in 24Kt Gold.  the process is as follows: leaves are hand picked, dried, then hand painted with layers of gold to achieve the leaf you see pictured.

you will also notice i use these leaves in other designs too!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Give your girls a reason....

to kick off their heels and dance!
i know many of you have seen these puppies around town at certain department stores and various boutiques.... 

usually Havaianas

usually they'll set you back $180!!!

not to worry folks
Joie de Vie has you covered - we're selling them for $45 a pair
they are rubber Brazilian flip flips (just like the good ol' Havs)
the straps are bejeweled with genuine Swarovski Cystals

(sorry this one's a bit blurry)

and these pictures do not do them justice!
but i think you get the picture
they are pictured here in the gold metallic

also available in 
olive green

if you are interested in purchasing them for you bridal party, 
i can offer you a discounted rate for bridal party gifts.

if you have 5 + i will even throw in the bride's pair for free!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

the Papillon Collection

this past weekend my mom and i made a journey up to LA to run some much needed wedding and jewelry errands... while up there i found this chain which i brought home and created my new Papillon Collection, i really love how elegant the shape of these earrings are. 
in lavender

shown in what i like to call "sherbet" quartz

also in oynx 

i only had time to make a few pairs today, however i do plan to make a necklace and bracelet to accompany the earrings.  

it's funny, when i arrived back at home, i was greeted by the most current Nordstrom catalog, in which i found this necklace..... a similar look to the chain i gave a new home on saturday and used to create this collection! i guess i'm keeping up with the fashion curve... woo hoo! =)

Monday, April 7, 2008

Spring 2008 Necklace Collections

l'Eau Necklace - yellow 
(pictured in 2 previous photos)
bronze freshwater pearls and coin pearls, yellow quartz teardrops, mother of pearl beads, gold overlay elm leaf, swarovski crystal, hand wired gold fill hoop, chain, and components.
hangs approx. 18 inches.

Coreaux Necklace - red 
red branch coral, gold overlay twisted hoops, hand wired with gold chain and components.
hangs approx. 18inches long
(pictured below)

Coreaux Necklace - center drop

Eternite Necklace
petite and grande sizes pictured
mad from gold overlay hoops, hand wired with gold fill chain and components.
petite is approx. 16inches
grand is approx. 18inches

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Spring 2008 Earring Collections

onyx teardrops on gold fill chain, hand wired, with gold fill components.

 green quartz teardrops, white pearls, hammered gold overlay hoops, hand wired with gold fill components.

Soleil - coral
cherry quartz teardrops, swarovski crystals, hand wired with gold fill chain and components.

la Plage 
white turquoise, bronze freshwater pearls, swarovski crystal, hand wired with gold fill 
chain and components.

Rendez-Vous - drop in brown/sapphire
swarovski crystals, czech glass beads, vintage beads, hand wired with gold fill chain and components.

l'Eau - white 
 vintage swarovski discs, swarovski crystal, freshwater pearls, mother of pearl teardrops, hand wired with gold fill components.

Champagne - bronze 
 bronze pearls, antiqued sterling silver chain, swarovski crystals, hand wired with sterling silver components.

la Mernavy 
czech glass beads, swarovski crystals, pearls, hand wired with sterling silver chain and components.

l'Eau - coral
cherry quartz teardrops, swarovski crystal, hand wired with gold fill components.

rose quartz, freshwater pearls in pink and bronze, swarovski crystal, hand wired with 
sterling silver chain and  components.

Rendez-Vous - turquoise
authentic turquoise beads, swarovski crystal, vintage beads, freshwater bronze pearls, hand wired with gold fill chain and components.

Etoile - padaparadcha
available in every color
swarovski crystals, hand wired with gold fill chain and components.