Thursday, April 10, 2008

the Papillon Collection

this past weekend my mom and i made a journey up to LA to run some much needed wedding and jewelry errands... while up there i found this chain which i brought home and created my new Papillon Collection, i really love how elegant the shape of these earrings are. 
in lavender

shown in what i like to call "sherbet" quartz

also in oynx 

i only had time to make a few pairs today, however i do plan to make a necklace and bracelet to accompany the earrings.  

it's funny, when i arrived back at home, i was greeted by the most current Nordstrom catalog, in which i found this necklace..... a similar look to the chain i gave a new home on saturday and used to create this collection! i guess i'm keeping up with the fashion curve... woo hoo! =)


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