Friday, May 29, 2009

{recent projects} monogramed wedding napkins for my cuz

so yeah.... i've got some blog catching up to do! =)

so i just thought i'd show you the 5 - hundo napkins i gocco'd for my beatiful cousin who's getting married in just under a month!  it's count down time Bren =)

they are having a black and silver affair with a hint of pink...

they chose to keep it simple by tying in their traditional monogram from their wedding stationary to their cocktail napkins. i love this idea because they can use these napkins in their home, after the wedding, should they have left-overs.
my typical "printing in progress" shot...

here's a better detail shot - {however, taking these at night the flash didn't look so good so i had to settle for some blurry pics.. sorry all}

their napkins turned out to look very clean and traditional: 
black napkins with metallic silver printing

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

{recent project} hubby's grad announcements

first lemme say - i've been a bad, bad blogger... i'm sorry for my absence! part of the reason i quasi abandoned my blog is because my hubs finally finished law school last week... yippee! =)

it's been 3 years in the making and i can now say that i'm married to a man who is a
Juris Doctor... here's what that translates to mean:

-3 years of law school down... and now he has another degree with hours of studying, tons of hard work, late hours, and pages of papers behind him... however.... we have this to look forward to:

-2 months of 6 day a week bar exam prep classes for 6 hours each day, then more hours of studying each night... and then a crazy intense 3 day testing period at the end of July - {pause for dramatic effect}. . . . the CA bar exam

- then right after all the law craziness is done - our 1 year anniversary will be on the other side of summer waiting to greet us on August 2nd! i can't believe we're already closing in on one year - man how the time has flown... i have a feeling i'm gonna say that A LOT throughout our marriage =) i also have a feeling i'm gonna be uber busy this summer to keep up with him!

without further ado... here are the law grad announcements i made for the hubs... he told me it wasn't an opportunity to get to artsy {big bummer, but no surprise}, after all they are meant to be professional and serious he tells me!... =)
i used a way more contemporary font for the text than what the school's announcements had - and i kept them to the law school's color scheme of grey, cardinal, and black - printed them on slate grey card stock, with a cardinal ring behind the school seal with a second pass of all black text. then i gocco'd our return address on the envelope flap - sorry for the blurs, but i have to keep some things private! =)

i'll be posting more soon, as i've created quite a few new bridal pieces in my absence that i must share!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

{random photos}

while i was away today my hubs borrowed my camera to capture two unrelated photos...

the first - our spazzy ragdoll, misty - she loves it when we put her up in the cut out above our glass slider... getting her down is another story...

and my hubs thought i'd love to see this: two ducks were taking a sun bath right by our pool which is viewable from our balcony.  so cute, and i love that they supposedly mate for life!
cute cute

i hope everyone had a great day with mom!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

{things i dig} my former prowler sunglasses

this is a really random post - seeing how i'm up being an insomniac... all bets are off! =)

last summer while i still had a quasi-expendable income i purchase the von zipper "prowler" glasses i'd had my eye on for some time... i loved them!  had them for all of two and a half months and they were lost and/or stolen from me at the pool in vegas.... which made me super bummed.

i had just the standard black ones pictured here:
and black's an odd color pick for me since i'm blonde, but i really did love them!

i'm just wondering... if i had it to do all over again, should i go with the standard black or change up for the black with grey satin stripes?  pictured below....
or should i choose the blonde's best accessory... tortoise shell??? 
tough decision... not like i wanna really shell out to buy another pair right now, since i have a perfectly functioning pair of electrics... but hey a girl can dream about the what if, right? =)

i have no idea how i'm so coherent at this time of night to write this... ok now back to bed

*random note: while most girls opt for A list designer sunglasses, my orange county, beachy upbringing automatically makes me prefer the surf brands, plus they're a few hundred dollas cheaper!*