Wednesday, May 6, 2009

{things i dig} my former prowler sunglasses

this is a really random post - seeing how i'm up being an insomniac... all bets are off! =)

last summer while i still had a quasi-expendable income i purchase the von zipper "prowler" glasses i'd had my eye on for some time... i loved them!  had them for all of two and a half months and they were lost and/or stolen from me at the pool in vegas.... which made me super bummed.

i had just the standard black ones pictured here:
and black's an odd color pick for me since i'm blonde, but i really did love them!

i'm just wondering... if i had it to do all over again, should i go with the standard black or change up for the black with grey satin stripes?  pictured below....
or should i choose the blonde's best accessory... tortoise shell??? 
tough decision... not like i wanna really shell out to buy another pair right now, since i have a perfectly functioning pair of electrics... but hey a girl can dream about the what if, right? =)

i have no idea how i'm so coherent at this time of night to write this... ok now back to bed

*random note: while most girls opt for A list designer sunglasses, my orange county, beachy upbringing automatically makes me prefer the surf brands, plus they're a few hundred dollas cheaper!*


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