Wednesday, March 25, 2009

we're back.... again!

we just got back from a last minute trip to see a family friend of my hubs' family in tampa, fl.

it was a quick get away, but well worth it to be able to meet people who mean so much to my hubs, and now myself!  here's a photo below of the two families rallied in the restaurant Old Chicago near tampa. it was a great evening filled with chatting, reminiscing, and good times - we will cherish always!

we were joined by my MIL and bro & sis in law

while in tampa BIL coordinated us taking in a Yankees vs. Tigers spring training game - i love baseball and was glad for the opportunity, but i still love my Anaheim Angels... go halos!
above is a photo of general petraeus right after he threw out the first pitch... way better than a fly-over.

and below is a token hubs and i photo.... man those yankees have a nice spring training facility!

prior to the trip i had been going about a mile and minute and have needed a little creativity break, which has been great to get some other much needed tasks accomplished... but by this next weekend i'll be back up a running with some new goodies in store for ya'll.  

sneak peak: i'll be starting an item of the month beginning april 1st!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

{recent projects} michelle's custom wedding cocktail napkins

a few posts ago i showed you the custom escort/ placecards i gocco'd for a friend's wedding which is THIS SATURDAY!!!!  and after a great weekend out with all our girlfriends for michelle's bachelorette party - pictured below - michelle is in the back left with the side-veil =)
i'm left front... hehe sporting my fun tie-dye shirt (i've loved tie-dye since i was young)
now we're back - and i just finished up her custom gocco'd cocktail napkins...

so here they are:
and here's a behind the scenes photo of the first run with just the gold heart... and my happy little gocco machine making a cameo =)

if you are interested in creating custom napkins or any other personalized paper goods feel free to contact me at JDVJewelry{at} or message me in my etsy shop!

{shop update} new items

hi folks - just wanted to let you know i just posted some great new items in my shop tonight... and a few shown here are yet to come!

esprit earrings 
(come in gold or sterling silver)

(comes in gold and sterling - with either oval or circle links)

(crystal color can be customized)

la tour gift tags
(such a steal - 6 tags for $5)

flourish gift tags
(same as "la tour" - 6 tags for $5)

happy shopping!

Monday, March 9, 2009

{things i dig} tinahdee on etsy

just found this fab fellow etsian on the front page of etsy this afternoon!  and look how darn cute these are!

they're stacking rings made from steel - with a cute copper disk that each stacked together spells out "love" - she say's you can also choose any other 4 letter word.... i'd stick to ones like - "hugs", "kiss", etc.... not the real 4 letter ones!
check out tinah's work and tell her i sent you!


Monday, March 2, 2009

{recent projects} michelle's custom wedding escort/ place cards

this is a quick post. . . 

but here is part 1 of the custom gocco work i'm doing for another friend's 3.14.09 wedding - they are looking to achieve a very lush art deco feel with a gold/champagne, deep reds, and black color scheme.

here are her escort/place cards - i lovingly gocco'd 120 of the gold scroll motif to signify those eating prime rib... check 'em out!  

and here are cranberry ones with an art deco heart motif - 70 of these will signal to the servers the guests enjoying their chicken entree.

this style/design is so different from anything i've done yet, and i just love the way they turned out.  michelle's wedding will be very personalized - these graphics were designed by a friend for their wedding invites - and i used the designs to help tie the motif through to the reception.  

coming soon, michelle's custom gocco'd cocktail napkins!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

{things i dig} .... organization

hey, it's tax season after all!... why not organize my business & personal tax system (which needs improvement anyway)  mind you i don't do much online shopping when it comes to Wal-Mart. rather, i prefer to walk into the mega store in all its overwhelming glory!  i believe that its way easier to wander aimlessly from aisle to aisle stumbling upon great finds rather than finding an item online then trying my darnest to hunt it down in person... i never seem to be sucessful at the hunt for a specific item in that store!  

but.... i did find this:
it's a bill filer, well, not really - it's a card filer, which would double for a handy bill filer for me!
there's a small file up front and standard sized files in the back, and i could stash some stamps in the cubbies along with my checkbook and some pens.  but i'm not really diggin' the color... maybe i'd cover in in a pretty fabric.....?

....i think is worth hunting for! maybe there will be a fluke and i'll actually find it without spending 15 minutes just trying to hunt down a friendly employee to track it down for me....  we shall see =)