Sunday, March 1, 2009

{things i dig} .... organization

hey, it's tax season after all!... why not organize my business & personal tax system (which needs improvement anyway)  mind you i don't do much online shopping when it comes to Wal-Mart. rather, i prefer to walk into the mega store in all its overwhelming glory!  i believe that its way easier to wander aimlessly from aisle to aisle stumbling upon great finds rather than finding an item online then trying my darnest to hunt it down in person... i never seem to be sucessful at the hunt for a specific item in that store!  

but.... i did find this:
it's a bill filer, well, not really - it's a card filer, which would double for a handy bill filer for me!
there's a small file up front and standard sized files in the back, and i could stash some stamps in the cubbies along with my checkbook and some pens.  but i'm not really diggin' the color... maybe i'd cover in in a pretty fabric.....?

....i think is worth hunting for! maybe there will be a fluke and i'll actually find it without spending 15 minutes just trying to hunt down a friendly employee to track it down for me....  we shall see =)


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