Monday, January 23, 2012

{update} new paperie items!

happy monday everyone, wanted to give you an update of the items i've added to my paperie shop in the event you don't follow us on twitter or our facebook page.  but i've been trying to get more offerings listed in my paperie shop {yes i still make jewelry, but since the cost of gold and silver are up, i've taken a little break from the jewelry side of things}... and i'm starting to offer printable designs for my clients who prefer to DIY their paper goods.  below are a few new designs i listed the other day...

:: how do the printable files work? ::
well, when you order any of these new collections, i will personalize the colors and names/monograms and send you a PDF file via email.  that PDF will include 2 of each design in the file 
{giving you 4 A2 sized note cards per printed sheet}
then all you need to do is print or have this file printed on bright white card stock and then cut them to size... et voila! you have your own DIY personalized stationery, that you can print and re-print when you need more!  these listings don't include envelopes, but this way you have the freedom to pick out your envelope colors that suit your personal preference!

:: remember :: 
you can have the colors customized, so if you like a design but prefer different colors not a problem! 

i know there may be some out there thinking, "hmmm, but what if i don't have the time or don't want to DIY but i want to order some of these?" ... not a problem, i'll be adding listings soon too for the printed versions of these designs that will come with envelopes too! so keep your eyes open for those additions to the shop in the near future!

also, i've added some new rubber stamp designs too!

after many requests for circular return address stamps, here are my first three design offerings!

i'm torn between them all, i love the hand drawn look of the {wreath} boarder, but i'm always a sucker for anything preppy so i love the {double stripe}, and the {retro} is too cute!

next is a different take on the address stamp, i give you 
now, this is one of my new personal favorites! the preppy circle monogram stamp was SOOO incredibly popular right before Christmas that i had to design a more whimsical + eclectic monogram stamp offering, and here's what i came up with!

here's a photo i snapped of the finished stamp, these stamps are great for embellishing stationery, envelopes or even gift tags like the one shown below.

and here's the solo initial version of the stamp

and some of the letter samples, to view the rest of the letters please visit the listing!

ok, so i think that's enough updating for one night, good night everyone and stay tuned, another fun new project announcement is coming VERY soon =)


Thursday, January 12, 2012

happy new year!

hi everyone,  i'm still alive here... just trying to get some really exciting new things wrapped up for a new line that i've been working on for jdv paperie!  in the mean time i wanted to post this fun etsy treasury my XOXO stamp was featured in {second row right side}... super cute items in this treasury!

i'll be back to share more of what i've been working on... but in the mean time go check out my shop, i have some fun new stamps available, and more to come soon!