Thursday, March 31, 2011

new item for JDV! {decorative vinyls}

yep, yet another new thing that i've started creating and designing, i'm still playing around with my new Silhouette vinyl cutting machine and learning the ropes but here are some of the new fun things i've created with it!

yes, i know i've shown this before from the Chanel baby shower... but i used my Silhouette to create the "Chanel-esque" font for this decorative frame.
i had posted a photo of the next project to my facebook page, but here's the back story:
 after looking around our place to see what i could embellish with vinyl, i realized after we threw out the junk food we used to keep in these glass jars... i thought hey, if they're going to sit empty, they might as well look cute!
and since i didn't know what was going to go in them i just decided to number them... and hey they look cute, so it works! the protein powder was a little easier to figure out what to do with it.

.   .   .   .   .

and yes i did figure out what colorful things i could put in the jars rather than "carbs" which we've eliminated from our diet... i was cleaning out one of our cupboards and thought we have SO MANY tea packets {and the boxes take up so much space}, so that's the one on the left... and all of my fun cupcake liners {since i'm not doing much baking right now} i thought i'd display them for me to enjoy even though i'm not enjoying one of my favorite junk foods {cupcakes}, at least i can enjoy the color!
 ... that's what i keep telling myself at least...

next i created this monogramed plate - just picked up this super cute Ralph Lauren plate at TJ Max, then did the "B" for our last name & did a second {darker} vinyl for the year we were married!
looks pretty dern {yes dern} cute mixed with the hub's law books and my blue coral {which is in a cloche on the shelf to the right of it} didn't include it in the shot, sorry! 

close up... and yeah i shot these at night so excuse the lame shadows everywhere

and then this frame was a gift to a mommy to be who loved the Chanel shower i had been apart of, so i created this one for their sweet new addition coming May 18th {or sooner}.
yep, this one's a vinyl too!

the great thing about this new cutter of mine is that i can cut vinyl, paper, cardstock, and heat transfers for t-shirts, bags, or any fabric really!... and even better, since i'm obsessed with my font collection, this cutter works with my whole font library!  i just can't wait to create more uniquely personalized vinyl decor pieces for you all!

...ok, now it's back to work for me...


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

i didn't forget about you all!

how on earth has it taken me so very long to sit myself down for a blog update...?  i guess it just reflects on the level of "busy"ness since the start of the year {which i'm very thankful for}!

so without further ado here's a photo update of what i've been up to business-wise since i've been gone

:: ::  a close friend's lingerie shower  :: ::
the invite
the bride & us bridesmaids with one of my custom banners

custom signage & glittered clothes pins

custom napkin ring wraps

:: ::  the wedding pantry february window display featuring my printables  :: ::

cupcake flags: part of my first printables line in my JoiedeViePaperie etsy shop

glittered coffee filter pom = a labor of love

look at these fabulous glittered clothespins {sigh} oh and one of my new printable banners

and a coordinated wedding sash to go along with the paper goods i created

:: ::  a very pretty Chanel inspired baby shower  :: ::

custom frame and vinyl text to look like the Chanel No. 5 logo
 love that the mommy Kacee Geoffroy will use this as decor in the nursery!

one of my favorite Coco Chanel quotes

coordinated "notes to Peyton" that were clipped to the Eiffel Tower with glittered clothespins 
{noticing a trend here with the clothespins?}

signage for the fragrance station, yes i said fragrance station... 
...what better for a Chanel themed shower?!

and since doing that shower, i've gotten so much positive feedback from clients wanting to put their spin on the Chanel shower, so i've started creating a "Chanel inspired" printables line for my paperie shop!

also thanks to popular demand, i'm creating these cute decorative frames for other mommies to be!
this one is for a new baby that'll be on her way soon and has a pink, white & grey nursery
{can we say hot new color pallet for little girls right now?!}
we realized that "sweet ava jayne" can be sung to the tune of "sweet caroline"... oh oh oh!
yeah, this baby now has a theme song =)

 i've also been working with another one of my {repeat offenders} i mean, favorite clients, thanks Linds!
on this cute black, white, and lime green shower invite for her soon to be sis in law

we also did cute lingerie shower/bachelorette invites, but i'll have to photograph those for you, and i'm currently designing a whole bunch of fun goodies for the showers & bachelorette party!
and on that note, i've gotta get back to work... if you're bummed about me not updating my blog very often, hop on over to my facebook page to see what's going on day to day!
:: ::  photo credits  :: ::
my friend's shower images - andrea gene photography
the wedding pantry images - marcella treybig photography
chanel shower - alice hu photography