Friday, July 23, 2010

decisions, decisions

i find it funny that at times i can go back and forth in my brain about what to some may seem like a minor detail... such as deciding between two fonts.... i need an open-faced font for an upcoming wedding invite order and i'm down to these two... i know i probably sound nuts, but hear me out! =)

font #1} love it's lined counterpart {view here}, it's chunky, kinda masculine 
{making it a great balance to some of my more feminine *bridal * fonts } 

however the downside to #1 is that it doesn't come with lowercase options, and if you've followed my blog, or known me long, you know i don't particularly like to CAPITALIZE much! hence the dilemma...

font #2} it has lowercase characters!!! but it's a little less bold compared w/ font #1... 
it's a sleeker font, yet not nearly as masculine as #1.... 

oh boy... decisions decisions =)



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