Tuesday, September 7, 2010

{follow up} custom collage necklaces

wow, i'm amazed at how crazy this wedding season turned out to be, crazy busy, but absolutely amazing all the opportunities that have been presented to me... but to start catching y'all up on all of my projects from this past wedding season, i figured i'd start you off with the follow up to the sneak peek i showed of the custom collage necklaces i had been working on back in june.  
if you don't remember them you can see the sneak peek post here

so... it's no secret that i work on jewelry while i hang by the pool {it's a rough life designing jewelry sometimes} =)... here's a gratuitous pool side day designing and prep'ing

and here's another photo as i was finishing up the necklaces

and here they are being modeled by the bridesmaids on the wedding day... also i did create some earrings for some of the other bridesmaids with different dress necklines.

if you're wondering why some had earrings and some had necklaces, it's because the bride let her gals pick from varying necklines of their dresses {great idea imo} so she did earrings for the BMs with higher necklines and necklaces for the gals with strapless necklines... what a great way to naturally create some visual interest and variation between your gals' styles and looks!

if you're wondering why you don't see pieces like this in my etsy shop, well... that's because while i love doing work like this, it's really difficult to create, list, and successfully sell pieces like this in my shop.  these are such custom pieces that if you're interested in having me create something similar, i'd love to chat with you about it!  i'd be happy to chat about colors, metals, components, etc... and would love to create one, three, or as many as you need of custom necklaces!

you can contact me at JDVJewelry{at}gmail.com



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