Monday, September 27, 2010

{new paperie item} colorful luggage tags

now i'm still in the process of producing some more of these guys to show off as samples, but here's the first one...  i joked on the JDV facebook page that my samples would go out to my friends with upcoming birthays, well, Meagan is the lucky first recipient! she's a newlywed who will celebrate their 1at month anniversary and her golden birthday tomorrow, so who better to create the first sample for? =)

and yes Megs, i used your married name, gotta start getting used to seeing it on everything!
love you and happy birthday a day early!
front side

back side
these tags are laminated in a thick plastic to help them stand up to the beatings TSA gives your checked baggage, but they are cute and can certainly be colorful enough that you won't mistake your black suitcase for one of the hundred and something that had been checked onto your flight too!

i will be designing mr. & mrs. ones in the future, but i'd like to show off a few more cute custom designed ones first!

these make a great little gift for the person who has everything, or if you just need a little something gift-wise!  feel free to drop me a line if you're interested jdvpaperie{at}


ps. sorry the lighting was horrible since i took them tonight =/

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  1. I want one! SoOoOoOo cute B! Miss you lady, definitely need to catch up soon since it looks like everything's going great! :)