Wednesday, September 14, 2011


so i know i've been slacking on posting, this summer was such a whirlwind!

but i thought i'd swing by real quick to show some luggage tags i made for a recent bridal order - the bride had a travel themed wedding so what better than to get her girls matching luggage tags! fun huh?

and here are the back sides of the tags... do your friend's move a lot? her's do so she just used their cell number and email addy... great call!

now you might notice a HUGE difference in the image quality of the luggage tag photos and these earring shots... i got a new camera and i'm having so much fun playing with it... i still don't really know what i'm doing but i'm trying =) 

here are some earrings i sent out to a client's friend for her birthday... this reminds me i really should go update my shop soon... i've just been taking a breather, hence the reason there isn't much listed right now in either of my shops!

 i love these baroque crystals and the simplicity of this style of earrings... 
not to mention the color is great as we head into the fall season

oh and here's a picture of the Misters {as i like to call her} hanging out under my worktable... sorry had to post cause she's just that darn cute!

i hope you're having a great week... i'll be back with more goodies soon!



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