Friday, January 8, 2010

shopping adventures

it's no secret that i'm always on the look out for unique and fun decorative
accessories for around our place or for upcoming clients' weddings... or both! =)

here are some fun things i found the other day while perusing the aisles at cost plus...
which is quickly becoming one of my favorite stores... check these out!

doesn't that iced tea look so pretty in this glassware?  imaging what else you could do with these... put a votive candle in the short one... or fill the stemmed one with a little h2o and a floating candle, or a stem of fluffy white hydrangea... endless possibilities and at $3.99 that's a pretty darn good price.

and don't they kinda remind you of these? these were from a photo shoot that JL Designs did a few months back, but up until this point i had only seen these cups at anthropology for $6 per cup that's a whole $2 cheaper at cost plus!

they also come in a pretty blue!

and these cuties actually only came in the clear glass, that i saw,  in the store... but online they come in this cute plum color... still only $2.99 - $3.99

i'll probably need to get some of these to use for our upcoming valentines
get-together we're hoping to host.

happy shopping people!

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  1. These fleur de lys are so awesome and very attractive glasses. I am very happy to see these all. It must be so precious item and looks very good at any special occasion at home...