Saturday, January 23, 2010

this past week in pictures . . .

so this week started off with finishing up these gocco'd save the dates for Amy & Derek... love the way the turned out... they're wedding is going to be so chic with varying shades of green & white to make up their color palette.

there, moved the tag so now you can see the text at the top!

the work in progress - 100 std cards & 110 envelopes and
throw in a few left over christmas decorations...

shipped out these twinsies to a very thoughtful husband/son-in-law

they are matching stamped mommy & grand mommy necklaces for two lovely ladies in his life

tried out some new baked goods this week when i was rained in on wednesday, actually i just had no motivation to go out in the downpour on wednesday!  these were a hit, coconut-blueberry cream cheese bars - yummy! look like they're a funny yellow in the photo, but the weren't, hmmm... recipe here

and the finale of my week...
made this evening by moi - a bibbed rhinestone & swarovski necklace!

i've been dying to make one but haven't wanted to back it on felt, it didn't seem pretty enough on felt... so i opted for netting which provided a "floating" appearance.  i just love it and can't wait to wear it and make more, i'm debating if i should list these in the shop?  i just love that it can be worn with jeans & a plain T or w/ a sassy black dress, oh the possibilities!

wow,  what a week! now it's time to hit the rack... i have a client/venue visiting day bright and early in the morning... g'night all


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  2. the necklace is beautiful. It's romantic, dreamy and absolutely avant garde.. would love to see more of such wonderful pix of your creations

  3. Hello! I was wondering if you have decided to make more of these... i love them! I think it would go great with my wedding dress. How much would they go for? Could you drop me a line on our blog or at Thank you! veronica :)
    ps: i saw your blog on dkdesigns blog and decided to check it out :)