Sunday, January 17, 2010

{blog love} my sparrow

about two weeks ago my mom and i visited the IVC {irvine valley college} flea market on the community college campus... and were really surprised at the quality of vendors! it wasn't crazily overwhelming the way the rose bowl flea market is, and it's about a quarter of the size of the long beach flea market... but it was super manageable, and an enjoyable market to walk.  we were really surprised that it wasn't hit or miss with vendors either. before heading over to IVC i did a little online research to see if any of the vendors were bloggers or had an online presence... sure enough i found one such vendor: My Sparrow.

it was about halfway through our time there that we found ourselves in her booth ooo'ing & ahh'ing over a glass cake stand with and elongated pedestal... then i recognized her note cards, and the necklace she was wearing... and then i realized hey this was the gal from my research! Christina and i stood and chatted for a good while about our etsy shops, blogging, and online business in general {it is so nice to chat with others tending a shop in the online marketplace}.... after about 15 minuets had passed, i realized my mom had moved on to another row and was circling back to find me in the same spot she left me! It was so great talking with her, she's a sweet gal who loves what she does, and man i wish i had all the money in the world so that i could take one of everything she sells, she really has great stuff to offer both in her 
etsy shop and in her own online shop.

Christine sells a variety of wonderful goods, sine she's an interior designer by trade so she offers lots of decorative pieces, pillows, furniture, but she also has some wonderful accessories & jewelry too... here are some of the goodies that caught my eye!

hand blown champagne flutes - aren't all the different styles great?!

footed champagne flutes - again, love the variation of they styles

and how cute are these little bird paperweights?  don't you think these could be fun little accents for around a woodland themed wedding cake....?

oh... and this, the possibilities, one for my kitchen, one for my arts and crafts supplies... i could think up many uses for this great galvanized tiered wire storage baskets!

go check her out!

website: my sparrow
etsy shop: my sparrow
facebook: here
twitter: mysparrowcom


  1. Thank you! It was great to meet you and I love my necklace!!

  2. Hey Joie, this is really very nice and attractive post. I have visited to my sparrow website and found so many good and important stuff for my own new creations too. I am very happy and it is really so helpful too. Thanks a lot.
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  3. Oh I can't wait to go look over there as well!

    Also, have you visited blondie n sc? I believe she is at the ivc market as well :)

  4. dandy thx for the heads up i'll check it out right now =)