Thursday, February 19, 2009

a little good news/ bad news

no, no i haven't run out of the eternite necklaces again.... but, after visiting my friendly component supplier and discusing the price of gold (which is hovering very close to $1,000 a ounce, yow!)  i thought real long and hard about it and realized that all good things come to an end... and unfortunately so will the current prices for my gold eternite necklaces, the gold "love" necklace, and some of my other gold pieces.  

while prices will still be very affordable, i do have to adjust my pricing to reflect the cost of gold these days, especially given the current financial state we are all finding ourselves in right now! (it seems the worse the stock market gets, the more gold spikes, go figure)
not to worry though the ever popular eternite and "love" necklaces will not be moving to an unaffordably high price... 

here's the price breakdown:

- petite will go from $26 to $30 
- grande will go from $38 to $42
- love will go from $30 to $34

but.... i did save the good news for last!.... it is that i will continue my current pricing through the end of February! so if you act now, i will be happy to sell you these pieces till the end of the month for the lesser price... so if you've been thinking about placing an order but have put it off, now's the time to act! =) my new pricing will begin March 1st, so visit my etsy shop to pick up any goodies you've been thinking about before the end of the month!

* also, a bonus: if you have shopped with me before i'm happy to give you 10% off your purchase through the end of the month as well... so consider this my first S-A-L-E people! =)


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