Wednesday, February 11, 2009

{about JDV} unconventional workspaces

i am not about to show you my "so called" studio because.... well.... i don't really have one.  does that surprise you? well for those who know me, you most likely understand why that is...
i'm always on the go!

case and point: the following photo was on my way back from my grandpa's memorial in Illinois... we spent some great time with family celebrating his 94 years of life, but once we were back on the plane heading home to CA - it was back to work for me.  below is a photo i snapped of my "mock airplane tray-table studio."  my mom and i were joking that i should commemorate the fact that TSA let me on the plane with my tools (not to be confused with weapons) =)

the cup holder comes in handy to hold loose beads and findings in the event of turbulence.
and if you want a closer look at the custom Christmas order i was working on, here it is:

it's a sterling silver (teal, purple, & brown) version of my l'eau necklace

the truth is, i have some very handy dandy snapware containers that snap apart and lock together, so i can take the trays that i need, and leave the ones i don't ... take a look

i knew about snapware, because i already love their snap n serve tupperware line, but when i found these on a recent trip to WalMart (i'm not ashamed to admit i shop/find great deals there) i bought up quite a few for jewelry, gocco, and stamping portable storage! and at $4.95, it's such a deal!

next i'm gonna have to snatch up some of these crafty helpers too!

i guess i should tell you now... 
i love organization especially when it helps the portability of my business supplies! 


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