Wednesday, December 15, 2010

holiday madness! {sort of}

i will say that i love the holidays... i love them A LOT! but at times working in an industry that has such large mood swings with the seasons can be difficult.  i think the holidays are naturally such a busy time of year and on top of the regular hustle and bustle i run around like a crazy woman sometimes trying to reply to client emails, picking up supplies, dropping items off to my printer for holiday cards, going to the post office, fed ex, etc {that last one being my least favorite part}.... i sacrifice sleep, time with my husband {which thankfully he is pretty tolerant of}, and sometimes a little bit of my sanity...

i promise i'm not griping!

.... but when i see custom projects completed, hear the excited responses from clients, and get feedback from my readers and facebook fans - it makes it all worth it! making a client's day makes me so happy, there is something so gratifying about creating to help produce joy in another's life.... and that is why i do what i do.  sometimes my friends and family tell me i'm crazy, and maybe i am a little bit =), but i'm crazy about what it is that i do.  i'm crazy about creating!

here's a little eye candy from a few things that i've shipped out this week...

:: :: a monogram/ mommy necklace :: ::
mixed metal of gold and silver, 
the gold tag is stamped with the mom & dad's married monogram & anniversary date
the little silver disc has a hammered texture and then is stamped for their son's initial!

 :: :: italian christmas banner :: ::
for my parent's to gift to a christmas party hostess
{i left it unstrung because my mom wanted to choose her ribbon}

... don't you love the glittered letters? 

:: :: custom luggage tags {modern style} ::  ::
for a friend/client to gift to her brother's fiance and girlfriend 
{one loves purple and lime green & the other is a TCU cheerleader, hence the purple & white}
{i didn't get the best shots of these because i took them at night, so hence the flash on the casing}

:: :: sorry for the blur, i don't want her getting solicited :: ::

::  :: address side for the TCU tag :: ::

more goodies to come!

and thanks everyone for the christmas orders =)


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  1. I love the glittered letters, I used red glittered letters to identify the recipient of each of my wrapped xmas gifts. Thank god everyone had a different first initial or it would totally now have worked so perfectly.