Friday, December 3, 2010

{holiday} custom *typographie style* christmas cards

hi everyone!

sorry i've been lacking in the blogging department recently... but i do come bearing photos for you in an attempt to make up for it! this is not a "oh-woe-is-me story" but please excuse my absence as i was rear-ended the week before thanksgiving, i'm fine, but it's been a lot of shuffling my car to the body shop, to the dealer to repair other non-related issues, entertaining the idea of selling this one and buying another one, research, car shopping and test-driving, all of this on top of life and everything else that goes on this time of year with the holidays... so needless to say i haven't had a ton of time to blog.  so i'm sorry i've kept my readers hanging... but i've been trying to catch {or at least deal} with this curveball that's been thrown at me... i really hadn't been thinking about buying a car until my accident.  anyhow, that sums up where i've been the past two and a half weeks!

now on to the Christmas Cards...

here's one of the recent christmas cards designs i finished up for a couple celebrating a new baby on the way in 2011!  however i can't reveal the whole thing as they are friends of our's and i know that they aren't in the mail quite yet! =)

 what i can say is, we centered their photo and i designed a "frame-like" boarder around their photo using different fonts, colors, and words that represent Christmas time...

it was so fun to mix up the lime and evergreen colors with the cardinal red and all the eclectic fonts!

we paired them with kraft recycled brown paper envelopes {think trader joe's shopping bag color}, then i designed and had a custom rubber hand stamp made for them {with their family name and address} to use for their Christmas cards and any of their other social stationery, all they have to do is change up the ink color and it'll become a totally different stamp!

if you are interested in me designing Christmas cards for you, the cut off to order them is quickly approaching on Sunday, December 12th!  email me at JDVpaperie{at} if you're interested



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