Wednesday, June 2, 2010

{sneak peek} custom collage bridal jewelry

one of my brides just adores the collage-y style chunky necklaces floating around all over etsy, yet couldn't find anything that she loved, or loved her budget!  so... since she's friend of mine as well, we made a trip to a few spots to look for some individual pieces that would work well together if taken apart and reassembled - i love when my clients challenge me to think outside the box and allow me to do something totally new... even for me.

so i'll be using these earrings as a focal piece for 5 bridesmaids necklaces

these chains below will be mixed in with some beautiful crystals 
{unfortunately the crystals weren't photographing well, so i'll show those when the project is finished}

and these pearls and glass beads with be worked into the necklaces as well!

and the remnant beads... because no doubt i'll have left over goods, i'll be using for some bridesmaids earrings & and a MOG necklace!

can't wait to see how this project turns out =)


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