Tuesday, June 1, 2010

memorial day... a day late

i meant to post yesterday to wish everyone a happy memorial day and kick off to summer, alas, i did not, so.... i'm sharing this with you today!

memorial day means a lot to my family as my dad was a marine, his younger brother a retired Jag Corps Judge, and his older brother a Marine Corps Colonel {who passed away when i was about 10} so service is not taken lightly in my family, rather, it is honored and respected. regardless of your politics i think we can all agree that the selflessness service people
demonstrate going to serve our country is highly respectable, simply because they are doing something we are not either able or capable of doing.... and that giving of themselves is why we get to spend memorial day with our family & friends, at the beach or pool, BBQ'ing, shopping the sales, or just laying low... so thank you for protecting us and serving so that we can continue to enjoy the freedoms we cherish so much!

here's a photo i saw on photographer, Jessica Claire's blog awhile back... that brought me to tears.... i have to say, dress uniform and those rings boxes... that photo is just so amazing & special to me!
i posted this quote to my facebook page yesterday, and regarless of if you like this guy's politics, he's and Ohio guy {which is where my dad's from} and i think he said it perfectly... why we celebrate memorial day!

Today we remember & honor the sacrifices that have made America the freest,

most prosperous nation the world has ever known. America’s warriors, past & present,

who have fought for the survival of liberty and the forward march of freedom.

To all who've given their lives for our country, & to those of you serving

in our Armed Forces today, may God bless each of you.

{thanks John Boehner for the quote}

i hope everyone enjoyed your holiday!


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