Monday, June 15, 2009

{things to come} hand stamped personalized jewelry!

i've been toying with the idea recently of getting into hand stamping gold, silver, and brass jewelry... and two weeks ago i finally decided to go for it!... 

if you're wondering what hand stamped jewelry looks like, here are two examples:

it makes great family jewelry, jewelry collages, the options really seem to be limitless!  while i'm waiting for my custom fonts to be manufactured - i'm dreaming up some creative ways to incorporate this concept into my current line which appeals to brides... and i think i've already got some fun ideas!  but you'll just have to wait till july for me to announce those =)

also, the photo below is inspiration of what i one day hope to have in the way of a workspace...
seeing how the supplies and tools to craft hand stamped jewelry take up much more space than the tools i currently work with! 


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