Thursday, June 11, 2009

{things i dig} GeeZees custom canvas

i have been just dying to get caught up on blogging just so i could share this:

i have a crush on my new geezees canvas

below is the wedding photo i chose from our photog {} then i used photoshop to add the lyrics from our first dance song - Dave Matthews - "steady as we go" and our wedding date... then i sent it to stephanie and then the magic began!

and here's what came to us in the mail.... 
maybe i'm partial, but i think our canvas just rocks! =)

stephanie, the force behind geezees, was phenominal to work with! she's a fellow etsy wedding team member, but i found out about her business because i was the winner/recipient of a contest over at weddingbee.  even though this was a complimentary canvas,  her attention and communication throughout the process was fantastic!  since it was "freebee" she could've totally taken longer on my order, but she treated it as if it was just as much a priority as any of her paid orders!  being a fellow online vendor - that speaks volumes about her customer service... and i think when it comes to online business, customer service is so extremely important in making or breaking your online presence.  sometime it can be very difficult to build a following of loyal fans who will believe in you enough to refer you... and i most certainly would send anyone reading this her way! 

i can only hope that i will have a reason to visit her again for future canvas art projects! i know our canvas turned out beautifully and it will be a treasured piece of art in our home for years to come!

please check her out either on etsy, her website, or her blog!

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  1. you are so sweet! Thanks so much for the shout out! I look forward to working with you again to!
    Geezees Custom Canvas