Sunday, January 18, 2009

a clearly amazing idea

it's no secret i love to travel... i just don't get the opportunity to do so very often, but man if i did - this little card would come in handy!

forgive me if i'm behind the times - but an offer for a trial membership for a CLEAR card just appeared in my email from SPG. and if you've spend much time in the airports - as i recently have (unfortunately), this might be a worthwhile investment for any frequent travelers!

to my understanding, it's the equivalent of a Disney Fastpass for grown -ups! =)

no really, it's expected to get you through security screenings and to your gate in approxamately 5 minutes! at $199 it seems a little stiff, but that's a years membership and if you travel even once a month i bet it more than pays for itself in the form of stress and anxiety relief!

... now if only it would rescue your checked bags and bring them to you at the curb in 5 mintues too... that would make it the ultimate card!


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