Saturday, May 3, 2008

we have a new look!

the new look for jewelry parties and expo display...
here's what you will see when you sign up to host a jewelry party

things are starting to look very professional, it's so exciting!

i love that the vintag-y / parisian theme is now tied in with my branding choice for the french business name: "Joie de Vie"

also right in the center of this pic is a cute display which is serving as the stand for my new stationery line i'm just starting... more on that soon!

my mom helped out and decoupaged and painted the little dress forms, then gave them french stickers and stamps for some added style, and finished them all off with their very own ribbon belts! they are too cute... i especially love that my parents sacrificed some of their treasured collection of vintage tins to serve as the dress form bases!

here's a close up of the dress form with the "coraux" necklace & sand dollar pendant

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  1. Hi Blair,

    It's Lisa from the Brea jewelry show yesterday. Your expo/show set-up is very professional and clean looking. I'm still searching for my next set-up. I went to Anthropologie at Fashion Island today and looked around at their jewelry set-up. It was very organic - a lot of bare wood and simple lines. I think I'll follow suite. It was great meeting you. Lets keep in touch.