Friday, November 12, 2010

Day 1:Introduce, recent picture, 15 interesting facts.

introduction eh?

well, my name is blair britt, it used to be blair schron when i started this blog... funny thing is my older brother's name is britt schron, it was totally normal when i was blair schron... then i married a man with the last name BRITT... creating an ongoing joke in my family about me being "blair schron britt" and my brother being "britt schron"... and on facebook it's even more confusing.... ok enough with confusing you about my name =)
justus and i at a friend's wedding in september

i'm blair britt, i married my husband justus over 2 years ago and we live in orange county, where i was born and raised, and hope to live for a long time to come! we have a circus {as we like to call it} that consists of 3 animals: Sparky the handicapped goldfish who has been in our care, for better of worse, for more than 6 years now.... there's Chi Chi the chinchilla that i acquired a year after Sparky, thinking a chinchilla would be the PERFECT pet while i was still in college, needless to say, she's really fluffy and soft, but not like having a dog or cat.  Third and finally we have Misty our ragdoll, fluffball, and totally gorgeous cat.  she is so spunky, acts like a dog half the time and is our little buddy, she gets the royal treatment and yes she is the favorite of the three, sorry Sparky & Chi Chi!

my 15 "interesting facts" + 1 

no. 1 - in case you haven't noticed, i don't like to capitalize unless i'm trying to make a point, i'm not the best proof-reader of my own work {hence typos occasionally}, also i'm not the greatest with punctuation, but i still write regardless.

no. 2 - if you asked J, he'd tell you i'm a busy body, if you ask me, i'd say i have creative A.D.D

no. 3 -  i own two small business:  Joie de Vie Jewelry, Accessorries, & Paperie  and  Blair Britt Events

no. 4 - i started my college career at Long Beach State as a graphic design major, and i ended up graduating from the University of Southern California with a degree in sociology {which now i wish had been graphic design} oh if only i knew then what i know now.... =)

no. 5 - i'm missing both of my upper lateral teeth and have had two fake teeth on a bridge for 10 years now

no. 6 - i'm the youngest of 3 kids, my older brother Chris is 40, Britt the next oldest is 36, and i'm 27 - quite the generational gap {and yes i was planned}

no. 7 - i love the idea of reading books, but i always ruin them by reading the last page when i'm about 3 chapters in, i always want to know how it ends... i guess to determine if i should keep reading

no. 8 - i have 5 nephews, so the pressure's on for us to have a girl when we start a family

*    *    *    * are we having fun yet?? *    *    *    *

no. 9 - i used to do extra work in college - you can see me in the movie Dare Devil, the OC, the first episode of CSI Miami, and the short lived show American Bandstand.

no. 10 - i'm right handed but i shoot a basketball better lefty

no. 11 - i am VERY random, just ask my friend's about the voicemail i leave them

no. 12 - i am a realtor, just not working in that industry anymore

no. 13 - if i could live in another generation it'd be in the 1950's - post war, everyone living the good life, cute fashion - c'mon the poodle skirts and saddle shoes, suburban life, great music!

no. 14 - i am an insomniac yet i love sleep, i never can get enough of it, but maybe that's because i stay up all hours of the night....

no. 15 - i'm looking forward to being the kind of mom mine is to me {love her}

plus one - 
i love to create.  the reason i said earlier that i have creative A.D.D. is that not a day goes by that i don't have a new creative project on my mind.  i'm constantly thinking about, planning or dreaming up ways to create something i've seen or an idea i have mapped out in my head and it's just waiting to be brought to life.  i'm the kind of person that if i think i can make it rather than buy it, i will... and i mean that in the most humble way =)  i believe that God gives everyone gifts, sometimes it takes us longer than others to know what those gifts are... and i believe i was given the gift of creativity.  i love to create beautiful things, whether it be a necklace to adorn a bride on her very special wedding day, or the paper goods to announce the arrival of a couples' most precious first born child, or it could even be creating and producing an elaborate design theme for my clients' wedding day - i take great pleasure in them all!  i have such a passion for using my creativity to make people's lives more enriched and joyful, and if i can succeed in serving others in this way, then my mission in life is being accomplished.

see you tomorrow!


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  1. I love that you are doing this, too! It makes me happy to see that you've found your passion and better yet found a way to make it work for you! Theta Love Blair :)