Wednesday, July 15, 2009

{blog love} wishpot wedding blog - my guest post

ok, ok, so i'm a few days behind on this - but a little while back Christine @gift_girl {you can follow her on twitter} contacted me about doing a vendor guest post about jewelry on wishpot's wedding blog- i was so honored to even be asked to tell what i do!

so this past week my guest post went live... you can check it out here

and what's blog post without somethin' to look at... here's one of the weddings featured... it's my own =)


  1. You look so beautiful...I love the flower in your hair. And I love the color of your girls dresses. I love blue...were using a teal blue. congrats!

  2. Really very nice snap together and looks gorgeous in this white wedding dress with simple earrings... Congrates and have a great journey ahead to both of you..