Thursday, October 9, 2008

Dear Myra :

what can i say other than, you and your Twigs & Honey are just too sweet! i've been meaning to post this since you featured JDV Accessories on your blog... what can i say other than thank you!

and the only way i could think to thank you is to showcase your talent, and how it helped personalize my recent wedding. so, the story goes something like this....

a few months back i stumbled upon Twigs & Honey just as many others did... via Weddingbee, Brooklyn Bride PI & P2, and then Style Me Pretty too...

each time i bumped into Myra's wedding/work online, i became more and more inspired not only in planning my wedding, but finding something to call my very own from all of her many wonderful designs. well... one night i happened to be stalking her blog (as i usually did in the wee hours of the night, like an insomniac bride-to-be) and there they were... these perfectly elegant handmade phalaenopsis orchids (pictured below). it was downhill from there, i had planned on wearing real orchids in my hair in honor of my mom's bridal bouquet flowers, but was afraid they wouldn't make it through a Southern California, August wedding.  so Myra's were an even better option since i'd be able to wear them again and again after the wedding! once we got the order placed and wedding time approached, this pretty little shipment arrived on my door step and finally i had some Twigs & Honey orchids to call my own!

Myra definitely puts a lot of care and thought into her work and even into the packaging, it came wrapped real cute and complete with a "how to" note for my new orchids! everything she does has an obvious personal touch to it.

at fist sight - the orchids in my hair matched my hubby's boutonniere (looking back now, i wish i would've had Myra make that too because it broke before we even made it to the ceremony)

the above two photos were shot by family & a bridesmaid at our wedding, i would show you our pro pics, but we don't have them back yet... so in the mean-time you can see how the orchids added to the whole ensemble - matching his bout, the scattered orchids in my bouquet, and paid homage to my mom's wedding bouquet.

now i'll leave you with a unique and super cute piece Myra's made recently and seen showing off the JDV Jewelry Petite Eternite Necklace (which can be found in my etsy shop)... sorry for the shameless plug!

thanks again Myra and keep doing what you do best!

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